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Developing an Eye for SaaS Value // SaaS District Podcast

Defining pricing and packaging for a new SaaS product can be tricky.

Your first step? Have a working definition of value.

It’s about time everyone in SaaS understood the importance of value. When I sat down with Akeel Jabber of the SaaS District podcast, we discussed the difference between price and value, plus:

  • Tom Nagle’s highly-useful Value Cascade
  • Why using price as a lever to gain market share tends to backfire
  • How often should you update your prices
  • The advantages of free trials over freemium models
  • When you should have public pricing
  • And a whole lot more

Check out the full episode at the link below.

Defining Pricing & Packaging for New B2B SaaS Products with Dan Balcauski – SaaS District Podcast

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