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Outflanking Competition in a Price War // Sage Thought Leadership Podcast

I sat down for a quick hit episode of the Sage Thought Leadership podcast with Ed Kless. This was a special treat because I’m a massive fan of Ed’s other podcast, The Soul of Enterprise, which he cohosts with Ron Baker. (Tip: If you want some deep insights on pricing, I highly recommend Ron’s book Implementing Value Pricing)

We discuss various topics, including:

  • packaging strategies, including flanking products, that preserve price positioning and brand integrity
  • how value comes from understanding customers’ context and outcomes
  • how customer perception drives the willingness to pay.
  • The Buddha.
Sage Thought Leadership Podcast – Dan Balcauski on Pricing Illusions

Timestamped Overview

[02:03] “Challenging SaaS Mindsets: Profitable Growth Over Illusions”
[06:17] “Value and Price: The Fundamental Relationship Explained”
[08:59] “Buddha: A Heroic Leader”

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