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Founder and Principal Consultant at Product Tranquility, Dan Balcauski. Learn more about Dan.

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Dan's assessment of our SaaS pricing approach was very thought-provoking. It fostered alignment and increased engagement among our executive stakeholders. Dan's overall process helped internal stakeholders to feel that their concerns were heard and gave them more confidence and comfort in our Go-to-Market approach for our first SaaS product.

The best tool that Dan gave us was the concept of customer segmentation to help clear up confusion among the team, which will accelerate bringing our SaaS product to market. He also clarified a repeatable four-step pricing process that we could use to price all of our future SaaS products, and it will become part of Cognex's standard process from now on.

His SaaS Pricing Assessor survey tool gave us clear metrics to judge our current state and goals for measuring our continued progress. Also, the instrument clearly lays out the steps we need to take to take Cognex to the next level.

Andreas SavvidesSenior Director of Products, Cognex

Dan helped WTFast figure out some key customer insights and where we could improve. He dedicated significant time to talking to our active and churned customers, listening to their situations and needs. The project and final report were very valuable, netting us some good insights. We had heard some of the feedback before, but even that was a sound reinforcement of what we already knew. I was impressed with his final report. It was definitely more than I was expecting.

Dan outlined concrete action items and helped us prioritize them. There is always more to do than you have the capacity for in a startup, so understanding what to focus on “right now” is very valuable. It is helpful for our current and future team to know that we have a guru in our pocket that we can use if the need arises.

Rob BartlettCEO & Founder, WTFast

As the new VP of Product for a fast growing B2B SaaS company, I had many high priority projects competing for my attention. Having Dan’s senior Product input was an invaluable asset and sounding board. Within only a couple months, Dan uncovered customer insights that helped us shape our future product strategy and direction. Additionally, he developed a set of analytic capabilities to understand our customers usage patterns helping us improve existing engagement and retention.

Javier AldreteSenior Vice President of Products, ActivTrak


SaaS Pricing Assessor

  • Designed to help you understand your organization’s maturity, given SaaS Pricing best practices
  • Define areas of strength and improvement and create a roadmap for future investment towards SaaS pricing excellence

SaaS Pricing Optimizer

  • Designed to help create optimized pricing and packaging for your new SaaS product
  • Define and target the right customer segments, better understand and communicate your product’s value, and package and position your offering to maximize customers’ willingness to pay

SaaS Pricing Success Program

  • Designed to help guide one or more team members in creating optimized offers for your product
  • Support your team in making more intelligent pricing decisions that generate higher profits, reduce sales friction, and better communicate the value your product provides to your market


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Dan came in and was able to make an impact very quickly on our Enterprise Storage and Virtualization Monitoring products. By quickly understanding the gaps in the current product offerings and the challenges and opportunities in our unique go-to-market model, he laid out a strategy that helped increase the unit volume of these product lines by 75% in the first year.

Denny LeCompteSenior Vice President of Product, SolarWinds

Dan was a transformational member of our product team. He led the analysis of a new market opportunity in our product strategy for storage management, defined the product, and lead the successful delivery of it to market.

Suaad SaitPresident, Xant (Former EVP Products & Markets, SolarWinds and CMO, Rackspace)

One of Dan's most impressive traits, and one that I have tried to emulate personally, is his ability to be forward thinking in the product work he drives. Dan doesn't settle for the the shortcut or patchwork answer, but thinks intelligently about building a lasting solution.

Jake AnderssonSenior Product Manager, Indeed

As colleagues in a close-knit PM team, Dan and I had many opportunities to collaborate on high priority & visibility projects. Being able to access Dan’s senior Product leadership and experienced analytical skills was an invaluable resource as we brought new products to market. Notably, when given stewardship of an existing product, Dan would consistently and methodically wrangle the technical aspects, as well as surface new insights on customer value drivers. Given his technical background coupled with keen analytical and modeling capabilities, Dan is able to unravel the hairiest business and execution problems.

Robert HockCo-founder, Esticom (acq. by Procore)

Product management is a hard enough function as is, let alone as a first time PM. In my first year in the role, with Dan managing me as a Group Product Manager, I was tasked with putting together a pivot strategy for an existing, and floundering, product line. My inexperience meant that I was long on ideas for the product, but short on the ability to refine and crystallize a cogent proposal for our Executive Team. Dan was able to guide me through a concise framework, from ideation and data gathering all the way to a refined proposal, that led to an accepted proposal by management while also teaching me skills I still carry with me today.

Omri BuziDirector of Product, Literati

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