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Dan, Founder Product Tranquility

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As the new VP of Product for a fast growing B2B SaaS company, I had many high priority projects competing for my attention. Having Dan’s senior Product input was an invaluable asset and sounding board. Within only a couple months, Dan uncovered customer insights that helped us shape our future product strategy and direction. Additionally, he developed a set of analytic capabilities to understand our customers usage patterns helping us improve existing engagement and retention.

Javier AldreteVice President of Products, ActivTrak

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Competitive Analysis

User and Market Research

Pricing and Packaging

Market and Customer Segmentation

Connect Product Usage Data to Profitability

Stakeholder Alignment


Dan came in and was able to make an impact very quickly on our Enterprise Storage and Virtualization Monitoring products. By quickly understanding the gaps in the current product offerings and the challenges and opportunities in our unique go-to-market model, he laid out a strategy that helped increase the unit volume of these product lines by 75% in the first year.

Denny LeCompteChief Technology Strategist, SolarWinds

Dan was a transformational member of our product team. He led the analysis of a new market opportunity in our product strategy for storage management, defined the product, and lead the successful delivery of it to market.

Suaad SaitFormer EVP Products & Markets, SolarWinds and CMO, Rackspace

One of Dan's most impressive traits, and one that I have tried to emulate personally, is his ability to be forward thinking in the product work he drives. Dan doesn't settle for the the shortcut or patchwork answer, but thinks intelligently about building a lasting solution. His ability to think ahead and build the right feature, not just the quick one, has set up LawnStarter for continued success.

Jake AnderssonHead of Strategy, LawnStarter

As colleagues in a close-knit PM team, Dan and I had many opportunities to collaborate on high priority & visibility projects. Being able to access Dan’s senior Product leadership and experienced analytical skills was an invaluable resource as we brought new products to market. Notably, when given stewardship of an existing product, Dan would consistently and methodically wrangle the technical aspects, as well as surface new insights on customer value drivers. Given his technical background coupled with keen analytical and modeling capabilities, Dan is able to unravel the hairiest business and execution problems.

Robert HockGroup Product Manager, SolarWinds

Product management is a hard enough function as is, let alone as a first time PM. In my first year in the role, with Dan managing me as a Group Product Manager, I was tasked with putting together a pivot strategy for an existing, and floundering, product line. My inexperience meant that I was long on ideas for the product, but short on the ability to refine and crystallize a cogent proposal for our Executive Team. Dan was able to guide me through a concise framework, from ideation and data gathering all the way to a refined proposal, that led to an accepted proposal by management while also teaching me skills I still carry with me today.

Omri BuziSenior Product Manager, SolarWinds

Daniel is a great person and hard worker. He improved our website and analyzed [our] social media [effectiveness]. Daniel is very tranquil, serious and responsible. We can't recommend this guy enough. Thank you Daniel for all the help, you definitely inspired us.

Daniel Felipe VergaraFounder, Spanish Adventure

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