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Avoiding Costly SaaS Pricing Mistakes // The ABM Conversations Podcast

You don’t have to carve your SaaS pricing in stone.

It’s an evolving process—you don’t need perfect pricing right out of the gate.

I recently sat down with award-winning marketer and author Yaagneshwaran Ganesh on The ABM Conversations Podcast for a 1-hour deep dive into the world of SaaS pricing.

We covered a lot during our chat, like:

  • What value is and the different ways we can approach it
  • Why you need to think about who you’re trying to sell to—not just the price tag
  • The difference between value drivers and value metrics
  • A brief primer on Jobs-To-Be-Done theory
  • Why listening to your customers might sabotage your SaaS pricing strategy

Check out the full episode below.

How to go about SaaS Pricing – Dan Balcauski on The ABM Conversations Podcast with Yaag Ganesh

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