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Beyond Hope as Monetization Strategy // Beyond the Roadmap Podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable Ryan Frederick, host of the Beyond the Roadmap Podcast, to discuss the biases that plague B2B SaaS Pricing. We go deep on packaging approaches, Freemium vs. Free Trials, and the low-hanging fruit in pricing to jumpstart your company’s growth.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why hope is not a winning monetization strategy
  • How to avoid underpricing your innovation
  • How to dispel the mirage of “optimal pricing”
  • and much more

Listen to the full episode below.

Beyond the Roadmap: Product Talk with AWH – Product Pricing Considerations with Dan Balcauski

Notable Quotes from the Episode

The idea that we would take a bunch of irrational humans who have a strained relationship with money and we put them inside of a company, and all of a sudden, they would become this perfectly rational ‘homo economicus’ is an absurdity.

A lot of us have been at the benefit of VC money funding cheap food delivery, taxi rides, et cetera, in the last 10 years, where these companies have managed through upside-down business models to subsidize the rest of us. But those make for bad unit economics.

If I review how my pricing is behaving on a quarterly basis, it takes me three quarters to notice if there’s a problem. It would take me at least one quarter to try to fix the problem. And then three to understand if that had an effect. Even if I’m doing something on a quarterly basis, that’s almost a two-year cycle just keeping regular checks on it. Even if you’re only doing something once a year, you need to be constantly looking at it.

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